What value Does NewYox Create?

Book Publisher;

Personalize the cover, dedication page (signed book for client, ad special note, image to page) change the name of star, and images.

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Newspaper Publisher;

Localize and personalize the newspaper. Personalize the news and ads,   allow companies to upload their press releases, allow journalism students to upload their school works (news) to paper, allow art students to upload their works.

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Magazine Publisher;

Localize and personalize the magazinePersonalize cover, news, ads, and images.  Moreover, personalize for countries, states, cities even for towns. 

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 Company Catalog;

Personalize cover, content and products.  Make instant changes on prices, products  and etc. 


Personalize images and content.


No need to prepare presentation for each client.  Just personalize your presentation and make changes logo, text and images.


Give an option to the students to be shown on the cover page of the school catalog, expect them the share it on social media. In this case, you can reach millions. 

Personalize school newspaper and magazine, give students an opportunity to upload their works. 

Collaborate with local media expect students to submit their works, like news, photo, art, assignment etc. 

AD/PR Agency;

Boost your brand by personalized publications and our distribution channels. 


Post your blog to NewYox news library*, and use it as magazine news. 


All the works above is for you.  Start changing the book covers, insert a dedication letter for Valentine's day, mother's, father's day, birthday, anniversary and so on.  It has never been to be a star in a book, or be part of news, or a model for the cover of magazine.  In addition, create your professional magazine in seconds. It's like choosing and buying images from Shatter Stocks and Getty images. 

* Working on it.

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