Personalized ad is a powerful tool when used right. Marketers have been using this strategy for decades to improve their marketing efforts. 
The main benefit of Newyox is the ability it gives you to reach specific audiences.

For example, if your audience likes cooking, you can use our or our client food related magazine/brochure in your campaigns, blog posts, or even in your email opt-in forms to offer a more personalized experience through content and increase conversions.

Newyox also helps you stand out from the crowd by creating better and unique content that leaves a special memory for your customers.
Coca-Cola used personalization to launch its Share A Coke campaign, which involved printing common names on Coke bottles to attract more millennials. The campaign helped the company grow sales for the first time in 10 years.

Imagine finding a Coke bottle with your name on it. Wouldn’t you want to buy it and show it off to your friends? It’s amazing how a simple marketing strategy can bring so many sales for a business. Newyox does more then Coca Cola.  It enables clients to be a part of story in a magazine or a catalog. 
Personalizing your ad with Newyox will also help build stronger and more personal relationships with your customers. You can show how much you care about every one of your customers by showing your gratitude, by showing them on a ad, news, or even a cover of magazine.

Personalized marketing with Newyox is not just about connecting with your audience. It’s also a great way to help your customers and also grow your sales at the same time. A simple recommendation or a suggestion can help bring you better results.

Please contact us how we could personalize your ad campaign, or simply sign up, sign in and upload your ad (brochure, flyer, magazine, catalog) we'll do the next.