What is Newyox?

NewYox is a  multi-sided  publishing platform  that  creates value  primarily  by enabling direct interactions between  publishers, universities, companies, organizations, students, NGO’s, and consumers as whole.  You can personalize/customize your publication with newyox, them make it available on selected online stores.


I’m a magazine publisher.  What should I do with Newyox?

Simply register, log in and submit your magazine through Newyox.  Tell us what pages you want to personalize/customize.  Then,  we do it in one to two days and ready to use it.  With personalized magazine, cover for instance, you can change it instantly.  You may place as much as different images to cover, or any other pages on the magazine that you requested to personalize. Each image you place to your cover,  newyox will generate a unique short url.  Then share, or sell this URL to customer who is on the cover. 

Is there any circumstances regarding page size, counts and etc. 

If you just personalize your magazine, we don’t have any circumstances.  You can submit any page size and count.  Yet we suggest magazine pages to be between 40 to 80 pages for quick surf.  

If you want to distribute your magazine whole around the globe through Newyox,  you should send your magazine in international standard sizes.  You can see the sizes at iBooPress 


I have a product catalog.  What can I do with Newyox?

Submit your catalog as pdf through Newyox and state where to personalize/customize your catalog, we do it in a couple of days, and ready to use.  You can place any image or product to customized pages. 


What can I do with a personalized catalog?

Newyox gives an option for each client to be shown on the cover page or an inside page  of the catalog!  Only, of course, if the client wants to be on the cover.  For each client who chooses to be on the cover, our program will generate a secure unique URL which you will then share with the client. The expectation is that the client will be excited to have their own picture on the magazine cover and will then share with others on social media.  In this case, your clients help your catalog to be shown by their friends on social media.


Is it right to place many images to cover for a same magazine?

Yes.  This is what makes Newyox unique.  

We see many headlines at nytimes.com or other online newspapers, while we see one headline in print.  


I’m a newspaper publisher.  Can I customize my newspaper?

Yes, you can. But we suggest you to size it in tabloid that is easy to read in electronic devices. 


I'm a publisher and I just want to distribute my publication with Newyox.  Can I distribute it without making customization?

Yes, you can. We distribute it over 200+ countries both print and electronic at around 40.000 Independent bookstores, Online stores, Chain stores, Ebook retailers, Libraries and Universities. 

I uploaded an image to a magazine and, did not see it on the preview?

All images are are extension sensitive.  Note SPECIFICATIONS on preview box before submit the image.  Most image extensions are .jpg or png. 

Is NewYox a Social Media?

NewYox is a multi-sided new media platform.  Each company or person may have an account from NewYox as it getting an account from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on. It could be considered as social media as well.