Reach millions by customizing your catalog.  Upload your catalog from Newyox, state where to customize your catalog.  We’ll do it in 1 to 2 business day, then your catalog is ready to run.

Newyox gives an option for each client to be shown on the cover page or an inside page  of the catalog!  Only, of course, if the client wants to be on the cover.  For each client who chooses to be on the cover, our program will generate a secure unique URL which you will then share with the client. The expectation is that the client will be excited to have their own picture on the magazine cover and will then share with others on social media.  In this case, your clients help your catalog to be shown by their friends on social media.

Please contact us for free consultation that how we can contribute your efforts or simple sign up, log in then submit your magazine  for free, limited time.

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