2020 is a year many of us may wish to forget! However, what a year it has been for accelerating innovation and digital transformation in the newspaper & magazine sector. 

While going ‘digital’ was the plan for most publishers at some point, the pandemic has brought those deadlines forward, and those that have yet to adopt a digital model have found themselves racing to catch up. 2020 saw most media companies bringing their digital plans forward and at pace. 50% of publishers see reader revenue as being their primary source of income in 2021, while 35% believe that reader revenue and advertising revenue will be equally important. To achieve this, the race is on to pick up the pace in the digital revolution.

In the US in particular, digital is beginning to overtake print as the primary media consumption method – but print is still by no means dead, and many publications are still enjoying healthy print subscriber numbers, even if those numbers are remaining more or less stable compared to the growth of digital.

Publishers will be seeking to move away from the concept of ‘print’ and ‘digital’ operations as they consolidate all their subscriber operations into a single solution. Many are already offering bundled Print and Digital subscriptions, though separate infrastructure which is costly and inefficient. Moving to platforms that support customer management, bundled subscription management, and data analytics will be key. (Source: MPP Global Solutions).

The New York Times already , Personalize items like Birthday Books Front Page Reprint, Special Day Book, Anniversary Book, Greatest Moments and so on.  What differs Newyox from nytimes is digitalization. You need al least 30 days to get these personalized item, while you only need 30 seconds at Newyox. 

How does Newyox Personalize Newspapers?


Newyox enables newspaper's news to be personalized. It allows people to place their news to personalized page.  In this case, a company may upload a press release to newspaper, a journalism student can upload a news, a blogger may insert a blog text.


The New York Times Business Section


Personalize Section pages.  In this case your target readers, artists for instance can upload their works (news) to newspaper's Art Section


The New York Times Art Sections


How about insert an ad to newspaper which could be a small ad to whole page ad.


The New York Times Business Section Page


Could be a weekly book issue, food issue, entertainment issue and so on. Newyox can personalize them all. Book issue for instance.  Allow authors to promote their book, give them an ad space and so on. 

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