Personalize the Titles


Personalization is no longer a buzz word because those who know of its importance are capitalizing it and reaping the benefits. Thanks to digitalization and cloud printing solutions, most publishers today are able to personalize content on social media, magazine, newspaper, book and e-commerce channels.

The New York Times already, Personalize items like Birthday Books   Front Page RePrint, Special Day Book, Anniversary Book, Greatest Moments and so on.  What differs NewYox from nytimes is digitalization so it gives more options and opportunities for publisher and audience.  You need at least 30 days to get nytimes' personalized items, while you only need 30 seconds at newyox. 

LucyGifts already sold over 70.000 personalized books at ETSY got 5 stars from customers. Same as nytimes sample, your customers can get the personalized books in seconds.  Newyox present personalized books in print as well.   

What should be the reason that a person must buy the book?


Good novel, fiction, poet, images etc.  You have all competitors in this case.  The answer is Personalizing the book.

Newyox personalize the books enabling clients to change cover, place text to dedication page even change the star name and place with his/her name. A signed book by the author is another option. 

Consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that know their name, purchase history, and then deliver relevant communications as a result. If you’re going to do that (which you should), you need an effective way to leverage consumer to deliver content and experiences across all channels that feel timely, in-context, and personalized.

How Does Newyox Personalize the books? 


Allow clients to change color of cover, place images, illustrations and etc.

Samples: Alice's Wonderland 

Black Beauty


You may allow clients to change images on the book.

Star name:

Good especially for kid books

Dedication page:

Allow client to insirt card, text and/or image to dedication page for mother’s, father’s, Labor’s, valentine’s day and etc. Birthday, Anniversaries etc.


Little Women

Signed book:

Never been that fast to sign a book to customer. All happens in seconds.

Worldwide Sales & Distribution

Newyox makes personalized products (book & mag)  to be available "print and electronic" together and forever, enables them to travel quickly and easily whole around the globe. Newyox enables personalized products to be ordered by and distributed over 200 countries and around 40.000  online stores, platforms, retailers and libraries. Our international network also speeds delivery of products for orders in 90 percent of the world.  This allows our clients to reach a wide range audience East to West, North to South.

Please contact us at or +44 (0) 7938 478420 (whats app only).  We'll tell you more how Newyox personalizes titles.