NewYox Launches New Media Platform

"Makes you feel extraordinarily special"


LONDON, 6 SEPTEMBER 2021 - The Covid-19 Pandemic forced industries to modify their business,  the publishing and marketing industry certainly rose to the challenge. Like many brands, NewYox has a  platform which can make personalizing process overwhelming for members.

Fatih Oncu, Founder & Director of London-based publishing company iBoo Press, has developed a multi-sided Media Platform, called NewYox that creates value primarily by enabling direct interactions between publishers, universities, companies, organizations, students, NGO’s, and consumers as whole.  NewYox which provides its customers with a unique personalized experience.

“Newyox makes you feel extraordinarily special by personalizing the products like books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, ads and so on.  We already have world’s well designed, attractive and beautiful products, while publishers, companies, universities to join our platform.” said Fatih Oncu. 

Oncu explains how the idea of NewYox came up:

“A simple question raised that in what reason would people buy the publication?
Here is the answer: If they're on the publication, or their interests are taken into account, they would buy it, or register its website.
So, then NewYox is created. 

For each participant who chooses to be on the publication, newyox generates a secure unique URL* for the participant, then gives an option to buy, share with others on social media or personal/business websites.
NewYox has the potential to become a dominant platform in the digital marketplace. It is a new business model that uses technology to connect publishers, freelancers, reporters, universities, students, organizations, and resources in an interactive ecosystem in which amazing amounts of value can be created and exchanged."

Newyox’s core value is personalization that essentially interacts with a customer through content in a way that makes them feel that their interests are being taken into account. Consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that know their name, purchase history, and then deliver relevant communications as a result. If you’re going to do that which you should, you need an effective way to leverage consumer to deliver content and experiences across all channels that feel timely, in-context, and personalized.

Fatih Oncu said that “Digital connectivity and the platform models are changing the world forever. The platform-driven economic transformation is producing enormous benefits for society as a whole and for the businesses and other organizations that create wealth, generate growth, and serve the needs of humankind. The figures are clear: what customers really want is a personalized experience, tailored to their interests and needs.”

Marketing has evolved considerably over time. From printing press and simple ads to the digital world, today’s marketer relies heavily on data analytics and personalization. Personalization is no longer a buzz word because those who know of its importance are capitalizing it and reaping the benefits. Thanks to predictive analysis and cloud marketing solutions, NewYox is able to personalize content on its platform,

A Deloitte study  found that 36% of customers are interested in buying personalized products, and 48% said they would be willing to wait longer to receive it.

A survey by Evergage has found that marketers also see the value of personalization: 96% of respondents felt that it helped them advance customer relationships, and 88% said that they perceived a measurable lift in business results. 61% also said that personalization helped them deliver better customer experience.

In addition, 52% of consumers are somewhat likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t provide enough personalization, and 57% are willing to share personal data in exchange for personalized offers

NewYox already offers bunch of personalized magazines, catalogs and books.  NewYox also makes tites to be available both “print and electronic” together, enables content to travel quickly and easily whole around the globe. Ttitles to be ordered by and distributed to online booksellers and retailers over 200 countries and around 40.000 networks, online stores, retailers and libraries.