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Marketing has evolved considerably over time. From printing press and simple ads to the digital world, today’s marketer relies heavily on data analytics and personalization. Personalization is no longer a buzz word because those who know of its importance are capitalizing it and reaping the benefits. Thanks to predictive analysis and cloud marketing solutions, most organizations today are able to personalize content on social media, magazine, newspaper, book and e-commerce channels.

What should be the reason a person must buy Your Magazine?

Good content, good images or illustrators, etc.  You have all competitors in this case.  So what should be the answer?


Newyox’s core value is personalization that essentially interacts with a customer through content in a way that makes them feel that their interests are being taken into account.

Consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that know their name, purchase history, and then deliver relevant communications as a result. If you’re going to do that (which you should), you need an effective way to leverage consumer to deliver content and experiences across all channels that feel timely, in-context, and personalized.

What's Your Magazine's place in new Media?

Here is your magazine place in new media.  You have a print, web, social media (facebook, twitter, youtube, instegram..).  So You also have a newyox account. How a web is different then print and social media, the newyox has its unique way of new media.  

How Newyox Personalize the Magazines?

Depending on your reader demographics you can personalize the magazine in various ways. Here is a samples how a magazine could be personalized.


Let’s assume you publish a 48 pages Startups Magazine in the UK. 

30 pages of the content covers every startups whole around the globe.  10 pages content covers just for the UK and 8 pages are ads.

Let’s personalize this magazine for a Bahrain.

Don’t forget you already have 30 pages contents your target readers are interested (if not make it) all around the globe.

Here is how to personalize and whom to collaborate.  

1-    The State: You already have 30 pages.  18 pages remaining.  Replace 10-12 pages contens from Bahrein with 8 pages ads.  Collaborate with a national media outlet.

2-    The City: Like the State way, you can do the same work city by city like StartUps Manama, StartUps A’ali, StartUps ErRifaa. Collaborate with a city media outlet

3-    The University: Each University,  especially incubation Centers, R&D Centers may release their own magazines like StartUps AUG, StartUps BP, StartUps UB and so on.   Collaborate with each University.

4-    The Commerce: Same way for Chamber of Commerce.  StartUps BCCI, StartUps BCCB and so on.  Collaborate with each Chamber of Commerce

5-    The Company: You may expand your coloration with companies working on Resarch & Development.

Then apply the same personalizing strategy for other countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia,…

You may follow the same personalizing strategies for Business Magazine, Finance Magazine, Travel Magazine….

Entertainment Magazine (Danielle)

As a sample Startups UK given above, Lets assume you have an entertainment magazine Danielle in which covers women to men, leisure to culture located in California.

Danielle is a 48 pages magazine.   30 pages of the content covers everybody throughout the  States and whole around the globe.  10 pages content covers just for California and 8 pages are ads.

1-    Cover: You may personalize the cover news.  Lets assume you have a news titled “How to Look beautiful this summer…”. So every woman who feels beautiful, independent and energetic can post her picture to magazine.   

2-    News: Like cover, you can do the same way for news.

3-    Interview: You may place to spotlight every interview conducted for the magazine.

4-    State:  You van personalize the magazine state wise .

a.    Wedding Photographers: Personalize the Danielle for wedding photographers who can place wedding pictures to magazine.  So Collaborate with Photographers.

b.    Wedding Ventures:  Personalize the magazine for Wedding Ventures like birede dress makers, stores, saloons …

c.     Hotels: Collaborate with hotels to release Danielle Hilton.  In this case you don’t have to personalize all 8 pages for the hotel.  How about a special summer issue, 4 pages cover news for the hotel like best place to stay in Arkansas, and upload client’s image to cover.

d.    Bar & Restaurant:  You may collaborate with bar & restaurants.  Don’t for all collaboration prosses online through newyox.

e.    City:  Collaborate with local media in the city o expand your coverage.

f.      Town: :  Collaborate with local media in the town to expand your coverage.

g.    Apply this strategy for each States.

Then apply the same personalizing strategy for other countries.

You may follow the same personalizing strategies for Women, Bride, Wedding, Men, Entertainment, Leisure, Teen, Mother, Kids Magazine.

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Worldwide Sales & Distribution

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