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Welcome to new version of the Hollywood Weekly!

We are excited to be back, very much in full swing with many exciting projects on the horizon, including a personalized edition of the Hollywood Weekly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how business gets done. And when it comes to midsized and small businesses, the importance of investing in new technology, facilitating remote work and maintaining a tech-savvy workforce has never been so clear.  Significantly more people today believe continuous technological investment is a business requirement.

The virus is changing our behavior in unprecedented ways: From stockpiling groceries to social distancing, from not shaking hands or meeting in person to virtual discussions and briefings via Zoom.

Hollywood Weekly has changed the way of releasing magazine by carring it to Newyox platform, that creates value for us and for our clients globaly.

Newyox enables Hollywood Weekly to reach more audience then ever in two ways; Personalizing, and global distribution.  We’ll led more star, author, influencer, and public figure to get on spotlight of the magazine and make them to feel extraordinarily special.  Plus, Personalized Hollywood Weekly magazine will be distributed over 200 countries and around 40.000 networks. 

Enjoy reading!

Publication date: 02-03-2021